Colchester Park Pre-School is an independent committee-run kinder, with experienced and highly-qualified teaching staff.

Colchester Park Pre-School runs 4-year-old Pre-School classes and two 3-year-old Pre-Kinder sessions. We maintain a strong link to our community, families, and the environment we live in. Our Kinder focuses on providing our children with a fun, safe, and happy environment to learn and grow, in order to be able to make the transition from home to primary school. We have strong ties with all the local schools, so that the children feel confident when its time to move onto Prep. At our Kinder we endeavour to teach the children not only how to interact with other children, develop fine motor skills, and have fun with learning, but also about sustainability and our environment. We do this by having a vegetable patch, herb garden, fairy garden, sensory areas, and play equipment in our large outdoor space. We also do activities during indoor play to teach the children to re-use and re-purpose items. This helps to develop imagination, thought processes, and story-telling skills. We have a wide range of developmental-learning toys and a substantial book library. Children are challenged, guided, and nurtured by our teaching staff and parent participation throughout their Kinder days. Our staff are qualified Pre-School teachers, and are always learning new techniques and teaching methods to ensure the children have the best possible start to their schooling. We have a qualified music teacher in our core teaching staff, who provides the children with another avenue to learn and interact.

Providing a Fun, Safe, and Happy Learning Environment