Why Choose Colchester Park PreSchool?

At Colchester Park Pre-School your child will benefit greatly through:

  • An inclusive music and movement program led by a qualified music specialist.music_education-2
  • Carefully planned term excursions and incursions that support and extend an interactive program.trafficschoolexcursion_med
  • Regular, planned social evenings to develop strong partnerships with our families.
  • With a council-owned building and Bestchance management, encompassing a parent advisory group, we are able to make advantageous decisions for our pre-school community because we have such strong, direct family involvement.
  • Strong partnerships with the local community, such as family garden projects and The Basin Fire Brigade.
  • Experienced and highly-qualified staff who are enthusiastic about early childhood education.
  • A programme that strengthens positive and successful transitions to school.
  • A strong commitment to broadening children’s understanding of our environment, living and non-living, promoting sustainable practices, such as taking care of our vegetable patch, sensory garden, and looking after our chooks who lay eggs for us.
  • A Lending Library Program that promotes early literacy skills and encourages children to become independent and be responsible for their belongings.
  • A programme that reflects and respects the many cultural backgrounds amongst our kinder families.
  • Learning journals for each child, providing detailed references about children’s interests and progress. This is also a fantastic keepsake for parents.
  • Relaxation and yoga sessions.
  • Colchester Park is equipped with many valuable resources and teaching tools that are fully integrated into planned experiences.
  • Our facility is fully equiped with a kitchen and two large areas for teaching.
  • Large outdoor playground, with cubby, slide, huge sandpit, and bike track.
  • Nestled within Miller Park, we are fully secure and private, yet still with a great sense of space as we are surrounded by grass and trees.

Providing a Fun, Safe, and Happy Learning Environment