Art and Craft

dot-painting3In the planned programme the children are provided with different art and craft experiences. We believe art and craft art is about experimenting, exploring, and imagining, where children learn by doing, with the emphasis on their participation and not on the end result.



Art and craft experiences in the preschool environment help develop multiple learning areas, including fine motor skills, stimulating imagination, and the understanding that verbal language and feelings can be communicated in symbols. This permanent play space provides opportunities for children to engage in a wide variety of different painting, collage, and drawing media and experiences.

We support the children’s interest in art and craft and encourage them to experiment with still life. The children are asked to draw and paint what they see and not what they think they have to draw. They enjoy the experience of painting something that is real and in front of them instead of from memory alone. The resulting art works are
truly beautiful and much personalised, breaking the stereotypes in preschool-age drawing and painting.

As the year progresses we continue to provide the children with experiences in different media and levels of complexity, where each child is encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities.