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Art and Craft

dot-painting3In the planned programme the children are provided with different art and craft experiences. We believe art and craft art is about experimenting, exploring, and imagining, where children learn by doing, with the emphasis on their participation and not on the end result.



Art and craft experiences in the preschool environment help develop multiple learning areas, including fine motor skills, stimulating imagination, and the understanding that verbal language and feelings can be communicated in symbols. This permanent play space provides opportunities for children to engage in a wide variety of different painting, collage, and drawing media and experiences.

We support the children’s interest in art and craft and encourage them to experiment with still life. The children are asked to draw and paint what they see and not what they think they have to draw. They enjoy the experience of painting something that is real and in front of them instead of from memory alone. The resulting art works are
truly beautiful and much personalised, breaking the stereotypes in preschool-age drawing and painting.

As the year progresses we continue to provide the children with experiences in different media and levels of complexity, where each child is encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities.

Learning About Health and Wellbeing

Learning sun-safety, flexible snack time, and the importance of washing hands encourage children to be responsible for their health and wellbeing. With winter on the way, we talked about how germs spread. We made orange juice for vitamin C to fight colds, and children are reminded to cough into the crook of their elbow, wash hands after blowing their nose, and make sure used tissues are put in the rubbish bin.

We would like to request all parents to keep unwell children home to recover and restrict the spread of germs over this season.


Research in education suggests that the children learn best when they are highly interested and active in their learning. Hands-on and engaging real-life experiences about ANZAC Day help children understand our history, as well as the life and times of people in the past.

The book we read, called “ANZAC Ted”, had illustrations based on real life and spoke of the sacrifices made by people just like us. It helped build an understanding of traditions and facts of ANZAC Day. We also played the “Last Post on a Bugle” on YouTube in order for the children to understand the modern day tribute to our past and
present soldiers. This is an opportunity for children to understand the importance of this national day, and its role in building peace in communities today.

Bunnings Incursion

The Bunnings incursion is always a very hand-on experience. In this particular incursion children learn :

  • Interdependence of all living things – we have to care for our plants to get veggies, plants need to be watered and fertilized, and that weeds compete with plants.
  • Reasoning and discovery – Life-cycle of plants, effect of environment on the growth and development of plants.
  • Origin of food – that food is part of nature.
  • Health and wellbeing – children learn to maintain their personal wellbeing as they work outdoors. It is a fun and productive activity in which they work as a team.

Kinder Yard Makeover

A Big Thank You to Our Very Own BackYard Blitz Team!

Before: The old Rubaroc

From old tan bark, sparse gardens and water pooling Rubaroc, to rejuvenated play spaces and beautiful native grasses and shrubs to attract both birds and butterflies.

The weather held off for our massive kinder yard makeover weekend and what a weekend it was! Removal of the Rubaroc was first on the list and could not have been done without Gordon, Jaxson C.’s Grandad.  A huge thanks to Gordon!


Next up was the excavation of the yard to regulation depth and thanks to Ben Juchno and his mate Cal, who brought every little boy’s dreams to kinder, an excavator and bobcat performed all of the hard

digger2spreaderOnce the excavation was complete, it was time to spread the 43m³ of Softfall that had been delivered. Without the help of Tanya and Tony Kolb, Lyndal and Shaun Jones, Stef Juchno, Elle and Peter
Neal, and Julie and Matt Van Netten we would still be at kinder
spreading the Softfall!

Spreading the softfall mulch
Spreading the softfall mulch

The parents who participated in the kinder yard makeover, along with the teachers, are extremely happy with the results but more importantly the feedback from the children has been very positive!

After: Softfall mulch
After: Softfall mulch


A Great Start to the Year

Music-4sWe’ve had a wonderful start to the year, the children have settled in their new kinder and are learning the expectations and routines of the setting. The first few weeks have been about getting to know the children and their families.

As the children explore their kinder environment they have participated in learning experiences of art and craft, puzzles, manipulative toys, social play, sensory play, and imaginary play.

Outdoor play helped practice gross motor skills, sun-safety, and spatial awareness.

Baking healthy cookies helps learn health and hygiene, and the importance of maintaining both two for personal wellbeing.

This term we celebrated Chinese New Year in the kinder. The children made Chinese lanterns and blossom paintings as they learnt the importance of this celebration.

The children are enjoying the music programme run by Linda and look forward to the sessions.

We are also looking forward to getting chickens as kinder pets. The coop has been delivered already.

The children have continued to learn about sustainability. In celebration of Earth Hour, they made book marks to take home with the idea that on Saturday the 19th March between 8.30 – 9.30 all the lights in their home will be switched off.

3-Year-Old Group

The Threes have been learning about colour culminating in our recent Rainbow day celebrations. Now children’s interests are around discovering more about mini-beasts, learning about insects, and about Leafy, our leaf insect (phasmid). We are also enjoying sharing our pet photos, and always thinking about respect for all living things.

We have also been incorporating some learning about celebrations, considering how different families might celebrate different things, and what that might look like. We will recognise Easter as one celebration that many of our families participate in, and offer some experiences that may relate to Easter but that are open ended and encourage children’s creativity as well.

Lots of our Threes are beginning to form friendships and play in small groups, showing a genuine interest in one another and practicing valuable turn taking, sharing, and negotiating skills.

Cadbury Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again where we ask each family to take a box of Cadbury chocolates to sell, beginning the week of the 18th April.

This year we are raising funds to replace the Rubaroc in the kinder yard with Soft Fall Mulch. This important stage of the kinder yard redevelopment will benefit each child who attends the kinder, this year and for many years to come.


Each chocolate box contains a mixture of:

Freddo Milk Chocolate Frog
Freddo White Chocolate Frog
Freddo Popping Candy Chocolate Frog
Freddo Twin Peppermint Chocolate Frog
Freddo Twin Strawberry Chocolate Frog
Freddo Raspberry Rocks
Caramello Koala

Feel free to buy the chocolates yourselves, sell them to family members and/or friends, to place the box in the lunchroom at work. If you are happy to sell more boxes, please let us know.

Money must be returned to the kinder by Friday 6th May, along with any unsold chocolates.

Fundraising Team

Outdoor Play

The outdoors is an important part of our planned program because it helps support gross motor development and strengthening of bones and muscles, and increased spatial awareness. Outdoor play encourages exploration and risk taking in a safe environment with the learning and discovering of physical capabilities. It also encourages healthy lifestyle as children learn to maintain their personal wellbeing, giving them the confidence to pursue other forms of active play.

New Outdoor Environment

For the last few months the teachers and committee members have been working with a landscape architect to design a new outdoor environment. We are very excited to announce to parents that as a result of the hard work by our fundraising committee both this year and in previous years, we were able to undertake the first area of the upgrade. This includes a reinvigorated sandpit area, with new edging, a deck and a few other bits and pieces.

The building works provide not only a spectacular outdoor play environment for the children just in time for spring, but were also an amazing learning environment as they watched the sandpit area being transformed by the workmen.

We thank everyone who has sold chocolates, bought entertainment books, made picture plates, helped with the cooking for the bake sale, etc., both this year and in previous years, as well as our hard-working grants officers, to help raise the funds for this exciting development.

Sharon Walker
President, Parent Committee


num1 num2

In the preschool environment, children learn numeracy when they use mathematical ideas in play. The preschool program encourages children to develop a wide range of skills and learning depositions. Numeracy is explored in multiple ways to support their learning. Whether it be counting as they wait for a turn, counting the children as we line-up or singing songs about counting.

This numeracy related experience encouraged the children to count as they sat on the table. This gave the educators an understanding of the children’s progress and help with future planning. We will continue to explore and understand numeracy in the planned and teachable moments.