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The children’s learning about their “self” was extended as they made self-portraits. They went on to make little puppets and the emphasis was on making observations on the human anatomy. The children’s work displayed an understanding as they drew and made  observations of number of fingers, toes, neck and abdomen.

puppets1 puppets2

Extending on the children’s interest we also read a book called “my body”. This book is about the human physiology for a preschooler to understand and the emphasis is on the functioning of primary organs and the working of the human body. In the session after this as the children worked on their puppets, they were encouraged and supported in exploring their understanding of human physiology.

Australian Animal Incursion

koalaIn the weeks following our Reconciliation Week program, the children were offered planned experiences where they were
encouraged to explore and learn more about indigenous Australia.

The Dreamtime stories we read had various native Australian animals playing very important characters. The incursion by Wild Action Production gave the children the opportunity to see and
observe these animals in a safe environment.

During the presentation the children’s interaction with the animals displayed confidence and curiosity. Daniel (the presenter) made the session interactive and encouraged the children to make observations of the physical characteristics of the animals. As the animals were presented to the children he made comments about:

  • Where the animal lived
  • The food they ate
  • The physical characteristics of the animals and its importance to survive in the wild
  • Some of the important scientific terms we learnt on the day were – Camouflage, Habitat, Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore and the Food chain-interdependence of one species on another.


National Reconciliation Week

reconciliation-australiaNational Reconciliation week – (27th May to 3rd June) –
The children were introduced to the indigenous culture by reading “Dream-time” stories in the group time. As we read the books, educators drew the children’s attention to the illustrations. The emphasis was made on the predominant colours used to make these illustrations and the “dot-paintings”.

These illustrations were inspiration for the children to make their own personalised art work.

dot-painting1 dot-painting2

Further to their learning about indigenous Australia, the children learnt about the two national flags, we would like to thank all the parents for their support and signing their consent!

flags1 flags2

As the educators put the tattoos on the children’s hands, we learnt about the differences in the flags as – one flag has the stars and the other has the sun, one has red, blue and black; and the other has white, red and blue. But both the flags had three colours each, with red being common.