For all program enquiries please contact the preschool on:

03 9761 1018.

To enrol your child for the Three or Four-year-old program, please contact our Early Years Management group bestchance at: enrolments@bestchance.org.au or phone: 03 8562 5153. Please ensure you include the name of our preschool in your enquiry, with the year of enrolment clearly specified.

If your child is offered a place in our preschool, our Early Years Management group bestchance will be in contact with you.

3-YEAR-OLD – Please note that children are eligible to apply for the three-year-old program provided they turn three by April 30 of the year they attend. However, children cannot commence sessions until they have turned three. If you wish to accept a place and hold it until your child turns three, a holding fee may be applicable.

4-YEAR-OLD – please note that children are eligible to apply for four-year-old program provided they turn four by April 30 the year they attend. These children can commence sessions from the start of the year.

“Families of children with birth dates between 1 January and 30 April have a choice about whether their child will commence school in the year they turn five or the following year, and therefore whether they commence kindergarten in the year they turn four or the year they turn five. Families with children born between 1 January and 30 April need to make an informed choice about which year they would like their child to commence school and therefore which year their child will attend a funded kindergarten program. Families who have questions about the best time for their child to commence school, and hence kindergarten, should discuss this decision with an early childhood teacher, Maternal and Child Health Nurse, Prep teacher or other professions involved in supporting the development of their child.”
Source – DEECD Kindergarten Guide 2014


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