At Colchester Park PreSchool our teaching practises are guided by the following principles and values.

We believe that every family is unique. We welcome every family’s participation and value their contribution to enrich young minds and inspire a love of learning.

We embrace an inclusive approach to learning, where every child feels valued and has a sense of belonging. We respect the diversity in our community and strive to build a curriculum that is based on children’s strengths and interests.

We believe our learning environment should allow for opportunities to discover, create, improvise, and imagine. We value play as an important tool for learning and a way for children to simply enjoy being.

We are committed to collaborating with families and other professionals. We believe this relationship, where all involved are respectful and supportive, is important to achieve the best outcomes for our children.

At our preschool we value play as being the core of our curriculum and strive to provide children with experiences where they can explore, experiment, and discover.

Providing a Fun, Safe, and Happy Learning Environment