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A Great Start to the Year

Music-4sWe’ve had a wonderful start to the year, the children have settled in their new kinder and are learning the expectations and routines of the setting. The first few weeks have been about getting to know the children and their families.

As the children explore their kinder environment they have participated in learning experiences of art and craft, puzzles, manipulative toys, social play, sensory play, and imaginary play.

Outdoor play helped practice gross motor skills, sun-safety, and spatial awareness.

Baking healthy cookies helps learn health and hygiene, and the importance of maintaining both two for personal wellbeing.

This term we celebrated Chinese New Year in the kinder. The children made Chinese lanterns and blossom paintings as they learnt the importance of this celebration.

The children are enjoying the music programme run by Linda and look forward to the sessions.

We are also looking forward to getting chickens as kinder pets. The coop has been delivered already.

The children have continued to learn about sustainability. In celebration of Earth Hour, they made book marks to take home with the idea that on Saturday the 19th March between 8.30 – 9.30 all the lights in their home will be switched off.

3-Year-Old Group

The Threes have been learning about colour culminating in our recent Rainbow day celebrations. Now children’s interests are around discovering more about mini-beasts, learning about insects, and about Leafy, our leaf insect (phasmid). We are also enjoying sharing our pet photos, and always thinking about respect for all living things.

We have also been incorporating some learning about celebrations, considering how different families might celebrate different things, and what that might look like. We will recognise Easter as one celebration that many of our families participate in, and offer some experiences that may relate to Easter but that are open ended and encourage children’s creativity as well.

Lots of our Threes are beginning to form friendships and play in small groups, showing a genuine interest in one another and practicing valuable turn taking, sharing, and negotiating skills.