Teachers & Programmes

Colchester Park PreSchool offers a 3-year-old (Pre-Kinder) and 4-year-old (Kinder) programme.

The Pre-Kinder programme introduces 3-year-olds to a learning environment where they can explore new concepts with other children their own age. It helps them to broaden their sense of identity in a wider community, and embrace their independence and ability to do things for themselves. They begin to understand what is expected of them in a class situation in order to minimise disruption to other children and maximise the benefits of learning and exploring in a group. This is also the time when children form friendships and we provide gentle guidance as they learn to negotiate and interact socially.

The Kinder programme is partially subsidised by the government, and thus has access to more resources in this second year of PreSchool. The 4-year-old sessions build on the previous year’s concepts, and also begin to prepare children for a school environment. Incursions and excursions give children the opportunity to learn more about our world and expand their interests.

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Shobhita Dhekane – Teacher : 4-Year-Old Kinder
Michelle Davies – Co-Educator
Kerrie Scott – Co-Educator
Linda Webster – Teacher : 3-Year-Old Kerrie Scott – Co-Educator



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