4-Year-Old Preschool Staff


Amanda Mountain Co-Educator 4 yo Group









Amanda Mountain – Teacher, 4-Year-Old Group

Amanda joined the team in 2018. She has had 8 years experience as a Early Childhood teacher in a range of different settings. Amanda has worked with families from Culturally and Linguistically diverse backgrounds over the past 4 years in both Noble Park and Glen Waverly

She has a passion for working with families and communities to provide an enriching and diverse experience for children

Amanda has two children of her own and was inspired to become a preschool teacher after they attended kindergarten many years ago. She and her boys love the beach and are active lifeguards at Edithvale Life Saving Club.

Co-Educator 4 yo Group
Michelle Davies Co-Educator 4 yo Group









Michelle Davies – Co-Educator, 4-Year-Old Group

Michelle has a Diploma in Children’s Services, and has been working with children since 2009. She strongly believes children learn best through play by participating in a range of fun and intersting hands-on experiences.

Michelle has two beautiful girls and loves her pets, some of which come to visit the Pre-School. Michelle loves the outdoors, adventure, food and family.

Kerrie Scott Co-Educator 3&4 yo Group









Kerrie Scott – Co-Educator, 4-Year-Old Group (and 3-Year-Old Group)

Kerrie has her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and has worked in the Early Childhood industry since 1991. She began working in Child Care, then moved to Pre Schools in 2004.

She is married with three children and lives in the beautiful Yarra Yalley. She has a hobby farm, which includes horses, cats, dogs, donkey and a goat.

Kerrie shares her love of animals with the children, by bringing in her pets from time to time.

Kerrie strongly believes that children learn through play. Children take an active role in their learning and develop through their play and interests. She has a strong passion for the industry and loves that each day is different.

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